In the last week 2,500 people have signed our open letter asking government ministers to consider basic income as a mental health measure. Read on to find out how a basic income would work for our mental health and what we have planned next.

Last week was Mental Health Awareness…

Economist Stewart Lansley is the co-author (with Howard Reed) of the Compass reports, Basic Income for All: From Desirability to Feasibility, and Universal Basic Income, An Idea Whose Time Has Come? These reports have been cited as evidence that basic income is not a solution to poverty, in this blog Stewart examines this claim.

A key claim for a basic income (BI) — a universal payment to all citizens, no questions asked — is that it would be a powerful way of radically reducing poverty in the UK. This notion however has remained a controversial subject for some. Chris Goulden, Policy Director at the…

Co-Founder Cleo Goodman talks about how Basic Income came into her life and why she thinks you should join the Basic Income Conversation.

At the end of last year I got my Basic Income. Kind of… I’ve spent almost all my spare time for the last two years working on Basic Income as volunteer director of Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland.

Cleo and Michael getting ready for the Basic Income Conversation launch in Sheffield this weekend

In December I got a (paid) job with Compass, tasked with creating…

Basic Income Conversation

Working with people, communities & sectors to understand what a basic income could do for the UK. Led by Co-Founders Michael & Cleo.

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