In May we shared an open letter for Mental Health Awareness Week asking ministers to support the exploration of basic income in the UK. It was co-signed by over 2,500 people. We worked on this with some of the participants of the Peace of Mind project. Today we’ve sent the letter off to ministers in England, Wales and Scotland.

From November last year until February the Basic Income Conversation worked with Basic Income Network Scotland to run the project Peace of Mind. This project looked at the links between money and mental health.

We spoke to people with personal and…

In the last week 2,500 people have signed our open letter asking government ministers to consider basic income as a mental health measure. Read on to find out how a basic income would work for our mental health and what we have planned next.

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. The time of year where we hear celebrities and organisations giving us advice on how to look after our mental health.

Nature walks. Yoga retreats. Scented candles. Meditation apps.

Yet there is far too little discussion about the links between mental health and the thing we’ve all worried about…

As the Basic Income Conversation launches the Conversation Toolkit, Co-Founder Cleo Goodman reflects on why conversations about basic income are so important as we enter year two of the pandemic.

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of lockdown in the UK. What a challenging year it’s been. It’s not the circumstances we would have wanted but the last twelve months have opened our eyes to just how broken our current system is and just how much we need a basic income.

This time last year sparked huge calls for an Emergency Basic Income. But with the end of lockdown now…

“The UB-Aye’s have it. The UB-Aye’s have it. 715 to 250.”

That was the margin that Liberal Democrat members overwhelming voted Universal Basic Income into party policy at their party conference last September. In doing so, they became the biggest party in the UK to officially adopt the idea as policy.

The move was further evidence that basic income is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of post-COVID progressive politics in the UK. The Lib Dems joined the Green Party as official supporters of the idea whilst the SNP’s Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been an enthusiastic supporter throughout the pandemic…

Pope Francis

In his recently published new book Let Us Dream, Pope Francis said “I believe it’s time to explore concepts like the universal basic income” signalling a call for a discussion of the idea from perhaps the most high profile proponent of basic income in the world. So just how does Basic Income link to Catholicism and Christianity more generally?

Ahead of our event with Catholic Voices ‘The Pope and Basic Income: A Conversation’, Fr David Stewart SJ shares his reflections on Basic Income and Catholic Social Teaching.

About the Author: David recently returned to Scotland after many years away, living…

Economist Stewart Lansley is the co-author (with Howard Reed) of the Compass reports, Basic Income for All: From Desirability to Feasibility, and Universal Basic Income, An Idea Whose Time Has Come? These reports have been cited as evidence that basic income is not a solution to poverty, in this blog Stewart examines this claim.

A key claim for a basic income (BI) — a universal payment to all citizens, no questions asked — is that it would be a powerful way of radically reducing poverty in the UK. This notion however has remained a controversial subject for some. Chris Goulden, Policy Director at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, for example, has argued that, far from tackling poverty, a BI would increase it. It would be better, he claims, to improve the existing system. …

Co-Founder Cleo Goodman talks about how Basic Income came into her life and why she thinks you should join the Basic Income Conversation.

At the end of last year I got my Basic Income. Kind of… I’ve spent almost all my spare time for the last two years working on Basic Income as volunteer director of Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland.

Cleo and Michael getting ready for the Basic Income Conversation launch in Sheffield this weekend

In December I got a (paid) job with Compass, tasked with creating an organisation that would further the case for a Basic Income here in the UK. I was gifted my wonderful Co-Founder Michael Pugh and off we went.

For me, this job is a bit like a Basic Income. I now have meaningful time to work on a project I’m passionate…

Michael Pugh, Co-Founder and Director, reflects on his journey through Basic Income as the Basic Income Conversation launches.

Whatever you think of Basic Income, it’s an idea that sticks in your mind. I first heard the idea of giving everyone a regular cash payment, no strings attached, when I was student. It was bold and interesting but I was unsure. I decided to focus my energy on the Living Wage Campaign.

Michael at the Basic Income Earth Network World Congress 2019 in India

I became a Community Organiser with Citizens UK, organising low paid workers together with civil society to challenge big employers to voluntarily pay a real Living Wage. And we were winning. Playing a role in seeing thousands of cleaners and security guards get Living Wages are some…

Basic Income Conversation

Working with people, communities & sectors to understand what a basic income could do for the UK. Led by Co-Founders Michael & Cleo.

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