Details of the Welsh basic income pilot announced

Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

This commitment is an extension of the social wage and the model of progressive universalism that the Welsh Government has followed for over 20 years. In Wales, we look after each other and this scheme is an extension of the values of care and compassion that distinguish us as a country.
- Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

Who will participate in the pilot?

Any adult who spent time in care as a child (i.e. under the age of 18). This care would have been approved by the state through a court order or on a voluntary basis. It can range from as little as a few months to as long as ones whole childhood (18 years). Such care could be in foster care, residential care (mainly children’s homes) or other arrangements outside the immediate or extended family. The care could have been provided directly by the state (mainly through local authority social services departments) or by the voluntary or private sector (e.g. Barnardos, The Children’s Society and many others). It also includes a wide range of accommodation. For example, it would include secure units, approved schools, industrial schools and other institutions that have a more punitive element than mainstream foster or residential care.

- The Care Leavers’ Association definition of a care leaver.

How long will the pilot last?

How much will the basic income payments be?

Principles of the pilot

Critiques of the pilot

What will we learn from this pilot?

… will test the stated benefits of basic income, such as addressing poverty and unemployment and improving health and financial wellbeing.

The Scottish basic income experiment feasibility study theory of change framework
The Stockton pilot randomly selected 125 people from applicants who met a range of criteria, including income

Are care leavers the right choice?

Additional support at this age could provide a more solid foundation for care experienced young people to build their adult lives from. We want to assist these young people in finding financial independence and want to allow them to thrive not merely survive.
- Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

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